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Embodied Yoga Sutras is a yoga training program developed by Yogiraj Wendy Newton based upon her experience working with her teacher, Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger, founder of ISHTA Yoga, on the writing of the book Tantra of the Yoga Sutras, published in 2018 by Shambhala Press. 

Tantra of the Yoga Sutras is based on an original insight that Alan had as a young teen on his father’s ashram in South Africa. Alan’s insight was simple and profound. He understood that the Sutras is a primer on yoga written by a tantric yoga master for yogis of the day. For him the Sutras was practical wisdom rather than complex and remote esoteric didactics. For many years, he wanted to give contemporary yogis the benefit of this insight. In 2012, he brought Wendy into the project, and together they spent six years working on creating a small book in a simple format that would give contemporary yogis a roadmap to this ancient wisdom. Tantra of the Yoga Sutras is a unique product of the collaboration between a tantric yoga master with his student in the process of digesting and writing down these foundational concepts of yoga from the perspective of living practice. 

Based on her own integration of these years of training at her teacher’s feet, Wendy has now created a multi-format training program, Embodied Yoga Sutras. Using Tantra of the Yoga Sutras as the foundational text, Wendy combines her years of training in ISHTA yoga and meditation with her reflective relational skills from Polarity Therapy, Wendy takes students on an embodied journey through the padas in a way that unfolds within the heart and mind of each practitioner. Using meditation, breathwork, interactive group discussion, partner work, and journaling, Wendy leads students on a personal journey through the four padas that uplifts and educates from the ground up. 

Wendy has been teaching an Intro to the Yoga Sutras at the 200 and 300 hour levels in the ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training since 2012. She has also originated a series of workshops and mini-trainings at ISTHA Yoga. She is available to bring this wisdom to your yoga studio, training, conference or event in a format suitable to your needs. 

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Training Formats


Introduction to Embodied Yoga Sutras 1 and 2

This format gives students an overview and introduction to the Yoga Sutras. Two three-hour classes that build upon each other gives a solid introduction to the four padas from the perspective of an embodied tantra practice as well as an introduction to primary concepts in the book. These introductory workshops, each of which can stand alone, help to orient students to the structure and primary concepts of the book so that they have a way to access it for future learning. The primary text is Tantra of the Yoga Sutras, but a suggested reading list is offered and encouraged.


Embodied Yoga Sutras: Journey of the Four Padas

This 20-hour format gives seasoned students and teachers of yoga a deep dive into each of the four padas and is intended as a training that deepens the practice of yoga through embodied study. Formated as a series of four five-hour mini-trainings, one on each pada, this course uses meditation, interactive discussion, partner work, individual reflection and journaling to bring to life this ancient wisdom within the living practice of yoga. The four sections can be offered over the course of four days, once a week over the period of a month, or once a month over the course of a season. 


Embodied Yoga Sutras: Topical Workshop Series

These three-hour workshops are designed around specific topics from the Yoga Sutras such as the yamas and niyamas, the eight limbs, avidya and viveka and the four keys. They combine satsang style discussion, asana, pranayama and medtation, and reflection and journaling to deepen students’ understanding of these profound concepts in an engaging and down-to-earth format. (this one needs work, but it will do for now)



A two-hour monthly satsang via Zoom for yoga practitioners and teachers to gain perspective on their practice and their teaching. An interactive discussion forum where people can bring real-life situations forward in a safe and compassionately moderated space for personal and professional growth and expression. Each month a different topic from the Sutras will be introduced for reflection.

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Tantra of the Yoga Sutras

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